10000 Roaches. Created and living on the Solana Network. Generated randomly with multiple attributes.

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What are krunk Roaches

Krunk Roaches are 10000 hand drawn, algorithmically created, unique collectible NFTs with proof of ownerships stored on the Solana Blockchain.

How to purchase Krunk Roach NFT?

Go to our website.... connect the Phantom wallet and click the Mint button.

Where does the NFT go after I Purchase a roach?

Your Roach NFT will be sent to your Solana phantom wallet and will appear in a few minutes.

How many Roaches will be for sale?

Total of 10000 Roach NFTs will be minted. There are 100 Super Rare Roach NFTs which will not be for sale. They will be sent as rewards for multiple contests held regularly on our discord server.

How much do the Roaches cost to mint?

Minting will cost 0.5 Sol per Roach in the presale. The price will be changed to 1 sol per Roach in the Public Sale. Please be advised to keep some extra fends in your wallet for Gas fees.

Will I be able to check my minted Roaches on the website?

The website well be updated soon after launch and a section will be added where you will be able to see the Roaches you own.

What do I do with my Roach NFTS?

You own it. You can do as you please. However, we recommend you keep them safe. You can sell them at an inflated price or keep them as collectibles as you would have the ownership.

How were the reaches created?

All individual pieces and attributes have been drawn by hand and generated algorithmically using unique custom code.

Who are behind Krunk Roach?

The Krunk Roach NFT team is a group of friends with different visions but the same goal. Our purpose is to deliver the best possible NFT user experience from launch as well as creating collectible art with utility.

Are you with any other projects on the Solana Network.

No, we are an independent team with one focus - Krunk Roach and the Krunk NFT Universe.